How to Quickly Write an Essay

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How to Quickly Write an Essay

If you, like many others, find yourself in the all-too-familiar position of having to write an essay with a looming deadline, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, this is a scenario that many of us have found ourselves in time and time again.

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So how can you write your essay easily and quickly? Well, for starters, it’s important that your writing flows easily when reading it out loud. This way, you’ll know for sure whether or not your essay is well-structured and easy to understand. 

One of the most important things you need to know about writing an essay is that it does not have to be overly complicated. You need to know what you will write first. Secondly, you need to have a writing plan and prepare your tools. After that, start your work and don’t wait too long because time could be one of the main problems while working on an assignment.

Avoid procrastinating and work on your essay while you still have time. Here are 9 tips that will make your essay writing journey easy.

Let’s get to it!

1. Plan Your Time

This is of the utmost factor to be considered. Before even starting your essay, make a timetable. Write the available hours and how long it will take you to do your essay. This way, you can monitor yourself and see how much time you have left to work on the assignment. Also, ensure you find a quiet place to focus on working on it. You might be tempted to stay in bed and relax, but that is not how you will get things done in a limited amount of time.

2. Understand Your Assignment

To avoid going back and redoing your essay, make sure you understand your essay instructions well. Note the points you have been assigned and make notes on the different sections that will be covered within the essay. If you have multiple essays that need to be written at the same time, try to group similar topics together. This way, you can write your essay based on a particular topic within this group. Find out how pages is the essay and how long each section will take you so that you can start planning how long it will take to finish it off.

3. Research Thoroughly

This is one of the most common things students forget when writing essays. Since we aim to write an essay quickly, you can make your research quicker by adding relevant sources when looking through the materials you have selected. Set a time limit for the amount of time you will use to do enough research on a page. It should not be more than 30 minutes. 

4. Come up With an Outline

Before writing your essay, you will need to make a brief outline. This should not take up more than an hour. You need this to get an idea of the overall structure of your essay. Ask yourself how you can benefit from it, what your readers will learn from reading it, and what the main points are.

You can use bullets, numbers, or letters when creating an outline. Remember that the outline is supposed to guide you on how to structure your essay.. For example, if you are writing about the dangers of climate change. Here is an example of an outline:

1. Introduction 

2. The Effects of Climate Change 

2.1 Global Warming 

2.1.1 The Consequences of Global Warming 

2.1.2 The Solutions to Global Warming

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5. Formulate Your Thesis Properly

Your thesis statement is the answer to your essay question. It should capture the main points of your essay. It also needs to be in a clear and concise format. This will help you write your essay more quickly because you do not have to think of what you will say next.

For example, if you have chosen to write about the problems of climate change, your thesis statement can be “Global warming is not inevitable; it can be stopped“.

6. Make Good Body Paragraphs

After you have stated your main points in the thesis, you will form your body paragraphs. When discussing the facts and evidence, it will be easier for you to write because it is easier to remember. Also, ensure you add relevant examples and evidence that support your arguments on each section or sub-heading. To properly make good paragraphs ensure you understand how many paragraphs are there in an essay.

7. Work on Your Conclusion Last

The conclusion is the last section that students write. This is mainly because they do not focus on it while writing. However, it is the most important part since it summarizes what you have discussed in your essay. It should capture the essence of your essay and leave a lasting impact on the reader. This should be written last so you can see how you want to end your essay and ensure that it is relevant to the overall body of work.

8. Use Transitions

Transitions are the connecting words that connect different paragraphs. They should describe how the ideas relate to each other and how they will flow organically throughout your essay. This should be added last.

You can use the words “and,” “so,” or “but” to create a smooth transition from one paragraph to the next.

9. Proofread Carefully

When writing an essay quickly, it is easy to miss out on mistakes and ensure that your content is correct. Before submitting your essay, read through it again and remove any mistakes. You should proofread multiple times, but make sure you do not make typos.

When you want to write your essay quickly, you should do as much research as possible because it will help you craft your essay smoothly. However, if you are on a tight schedule, then use a simple outline to write your essay in a format that is easy for you to understand. By using these 9 tips on how to write an essay quickly, it will be easier for you to complete your assignment and get the grade you want. However, if you need assistance, you can seek help from a same day essay writers who can help you easily tackle your academic essays. 

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