American Patriotism Argumentative Essay

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Patriotism is the undying loyalty citizens demonstrate towards their country, characterized by unwavering love and support for the country, its values, and Constitution. American patriotism is renowned for various reasons, including the sheer size of the country, its history, the challenges it faces, the achievements accomplished, morals, and Constitutional values. The patriotism of a country’s citizens is a function of its Constitutional capability, military might, and socio-economic developments.

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While American patriotism is justified due to the military achievements, Constitutional freedoms, socio-economic development, and the sheer size of the country, the overzealous invasiveness nature of the United States is an undesirable trait. The American patriotism is a broad topic which has application questions and require application answers, that’s why our tutors at MBA assignment writing service will write you essays at an affordable price.

Argumentative Essay on American Patriotism

Before independence, the United States was part of the British imperial empire created to advance racism and socio-economic exploitation for the colonial masters. However, in 1776, the United States united to fight off European colonial masters and declared themselves free of oppression and control (Hanson & O’Dwyer, 2018). Additionally, the United States has engaged in subsequent military conquests such as World War Two, the Vietnam War, and the Middle Eastern conflicts in Iraq emerging victorious in all instances. Such sustained military ability demonstrates a country’s capability to stave off colonial oppression and determine its political development and socio-economic destiny. Consequently, the American citizens remain patriotic based on their country’s ability to defend itself and other oppressed countries when the need arises. USA police brutality may be seen as a way the police protect the country and their patriotic nature but most of the citizens disagree.

The American Constitution is regarded highly internationally due to its unique considerations for personal, social, and legal freedoms for citizens. Unlike other countries, the United States allows qualified citizens to purchase and carry arms for self-protection. Additionally, the US Constitution declares all rights to movement, free speech, free worship, self-determination, ownership of property, and political office inalienable (Erez & Laborde, 2019). Therefore, no subsequent policies or laws can contravene these principal rights making Americans unique people internationally. Due to these Constitutional provisions, many Americans are proud of their country as it recognizes additional rights at a time when other mighty countries like China oppress their citizens. Therefore, significant of American patriotism is inspired by the constitutional and social freedoms the American Constitution bestows upon its citizens.

American capitalism has created many opportunities for self-determination and success, making the wealth associated with capitalism and American ingenuity another source of patriotism (Anufrieva & Kochergina, 2019). Unlike socialist or communist countries in the East where socio-economic growth is stifled by economic uniformity and political ideology, the United States allows one to set their limits within the boundaries of the law. Consequently, the wealthiest people have been Americans for decades due to the mix of freedom, constitutional latitude, and opportunity. The results of American capitalism and ingenuity result in relatively faster social developments that resonate around the world. Many immigrants desire to gain access to these conditions that American citizens exploit to become successful. Consequently, Americans become very patriotic in a bid to defend their country and its success-oriented conditions.

The United States is comprised of more than 50 states under the Federal government. Considering some American states are the size of normal countries in other parts of the world, the United States’ cumulative landmass is massive. The country spans several time zones and almost stretches from the north polar regions to the equator. Traveling from one end of the country requires flights or long bus rides.

Additionally, the country has a wide variety of climatic conditions and geographic features. They range from snow cover in the northern states of Alaska to the deserts of California. American also has a wide variety of plant and animal life, making the fourth largest country unique (Erez & Laborde, 2019). Consequently, Americans are patriotic and consider them lucky to be associated with such a sizeable, unique country.

While American patriotism is justified based on military, social, political, and even geographical reasons, its geopolitical and diplomatic policies attract constant criticism. The United States has been the most powerful country for decades, and the position has enabled several overzealous presidents such as George Bush to invade other countries for selfish interests (Kincaid, 2020). The invasion of Iraq and other Middle Eastern regions is connected with the fact that it is an oil-rich region. Similarly, President Truman was wrong in leading tens of thousands of American soldiers to their death in the Vietnam War due to fears about Communist expansion.

The United States seems to have declared itself the overseer of the global geopolitical environment as current examples in Venezuela and North Korea demonstrate. Interestingly, each domain the country invades has abundant natural resource deposits. Therefore, American patriotism is unwarranted based on its overzealous and sometimes selfish interests in conflict-prone, resource-rich regions.


The United States is the most powerful country on the planet. Consequently, American citizens are both proud and patriotic, willingly supporting and protecting their country. Most of the patriotism is justified due to the country’s sheer size, military ability and history, the superior Constitution, the substantial socio-economic achievements, and freedoms enshrined in the law. However, America’s tendency to invade resource-rich regions of the world that are conflict-prone under the guise of restoring democracy and order attracts both suspicion and criticism. The US, like most powerful nations, desires to maintain its supremacy through exploitation and subjugation.  


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