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Why do some people write amazing thought-provoking essays while others write pieces that are utterly dubious? The answer is simple! Writing a good argumentative essay calls for the ability to present facts, provide supportive evidence and use logical reasoning to illustrate points. You should never use personal emotions and experiences to demonstrate a point. It leads to a loss of credibility.

Argumentative Essay

Writing an argumentative essay is just about engaging in a debate You have to prove that your stand is the best to take, with facts and rationale.

As a writer, you ought to come up with a plan on how to make your argumentative essay excellent. The following procedure will get you there!

Research and Make a Stand

Research is the first step towards writing an effective persuasive, argumentative essay that will compel your audience to agree with you. Do extensive research to know everything possible about the topic that you have decided to tackle. You can get the necessary information from books, magazines, websites or any other reliable sources.

When you have chosen the subject, make a stand. Once you have picked the side that is easier for you to argue, know the facts. Keep in mind that some issues are one-sided.

Write an Outline

This is where you organize your thoughts coherently and logically. Do not ignore the importance of writing an outline; it defines the flow of your essay. At this stage, you should also logically present your arguments.

Your outline should have the main ideas to support your stand and at least two refuting arguments. Choose a convincing pattern to follow.


The opening section is the most critical part of your essay. This part captures the attention of the audience and triggers interest. In fact, the majority of readers will decide whether to scan or deep-read your article based purely on how you introduce it. Your essay can have one introductory paragraph or many depending on the size of your argumentative essay.

Begin this paragraph with a hook. Explain the relevance of the topic that you have decided to tackle and let the reader know why you chose it. Try to explain the opposing side’s stance on the issue and why. You can opt to include detailed background information on the topic.

You can also start your introduction using an anecdote that is relevant to the topic. Again, it can be a quotation or a fact.

Your introduction should end with a thesis.

What is a thesis?

A thesis is an idea on which you build your paragraphs or consequent statements. You can formulate your essay in various ways.

1 Question and Answer format

This is where you present your topic of interest as a question. It can be your essay’s title.

For example: What are the major causes of divorce in our society?

2 Roadmap

In this case, you explain what you are going to cover in a few words outlining some of your major points.

For Example: Lately, more couples have been divorcing, and while there are different reasons why couples decide to part ways, some of the causes are unfaithfulness, age differences, and the fact that more women are becoming less dependent on their men.

3 The three-part thesis

It is also advisable to avoid the three-part thesis. This format constricts and limits the shape that your ideas take so that they are contained in three major body paragraphs. If you choose a different format for your thesis, you get the chance to expand your ideas more freely, and you can even incorporate supportive ideas.

The Body of Your Argumentative Essay

This section of the article contains your arguments to support the stand in your thesis. Provide a convincing explanation as to why your audience should agree with you. In the body of your essay, you should provide:

Reasons and supporting facts

Why did you pick the side that you chose? Demonstrate your reasons. Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence to draw the reader’s attention. It is advisable to start with your strongest point. Logical and credible facts should provide support. Again, quotations by experts in different scholarly fields can also be used to support your arguments. You may include examples and statistics.

Objections and opposing positions

Make a point of illustrating any opposing positions that your audience might have. Use arguments or factual evidence to answer them. Do not forget to give reasons why you do not support those objections.

The body should be coherent and cohesive. All your thoughts must be presented in a consistent and easy-to-follow manner to avoid any disconnection with your audience.

In the body, you can also include a rebuttal to an opposing argument that has already been presented. Choose one that is reliable and relevant. Anything that is out of context will make you look like you are trying too hard to validate your thesis. In the end, it could end up implying that your argument is weak and unreliable.

Conclusion and Verdict

The closing paragraph (s) of the argumentative essay should be well structured, and it should merge perfectly with the body. Give an explanation about the possible impacts of adopting your argument. Once again, remind them why you made your stand. If possible, illustrate how functional your ideas are using real-time examples and case studies.

Try to appeal to their emotions, reason, and even character! Use the most appropriate diction and employ a convincing tone.

Proof Reading

This is the final part of writing your argumentative essay. The majority of writers are so deeply immersed in their writing that they do not notice obvious mistakes. There is nothing as irritating as an unfocused and recklessly written literary piece. Avoid using sentence fragments since your audience might not understand what you are trying to communicate.

While it is important to go through your work, it is also invaluable to ask a friend to go through it. Alternatively, you can hire a professional academic paper editing service.

It can turn out to be helpful if you take some time off and get back to your work once you are fresh. You might realize that you wrote something that is different from what you meant to say.

Individuals who write effective argumentative essays have no superpowers; they are ordinary beings. They only pay extra attention to detail. In addition to this, they make a strong stand and use convincing and well-researched points to back it up. They also use a structure that is easy to follow and understand. Next time you want to write a convincing essay, follow this procedure, and thank me later!

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